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About 3P® Consulting

3P® Consulting was founded iby a group of specialists in pharmaceutical medicine or clinical pharmacology who have held senior positions in industry (Medical Directors) and/or academia.
For over 20 years, 3P® Consulting provides consulting and clinical development services to pharmaceutical companies and research organisations (including universities).

Our three main areas of expertise are:
All senior staff members of 3P® Consulting are medical doctors, and all members of the consulting staff are MDs and/or PhDs. Some staff members have teaching or consulting commitments at major medical faculties.

Together we have published more than 500 original papers, abstracts in peer-reviewed journals or have contributed to books. In addition, we have run a significant number of large-scale medical and medico-marketing projects.

Our senior staff members are on the steering boards of major clinical or epidemiological studies, or on the editorial boards of renowned scientific journals.

We provide consulting services for pharmaceutical companies and renowned universities/institutions. 3P® Consulting advises leading international companies, as well as distinguished biotech and specialised firms.

We also consult on large-scale university-driven research projects. For example, studies include NISAS (sleep disorders, 20 000 patients), HYDRA (hypertension and diabetes, 45000 patients), DETECT (cardiovascular risk, 55000 patients), getABI (peripheral arterial disease, 6880 patients), COMPERA (pulmonary arterial hypertension, 11000 patients), INSIGHTS-IPF and INSIGHTS-ILD (pulmonary fibrosis, 1500 patients), INSIGHTS-SVT (superficial vein thrombosis, 1500 patients), INSIGHTS-GHT (growth hormone treatment, 1500 patients), and others.

Executive Staff

Prof. Dr. med. habil. David Pittrow

Member of editorial boards:
Publications: > 200 scientific papers, congress contributions and book chapters (see Medline)

Hirsch Factor (Google Scholar): 52
i10 Factor: 152

Prof. Dr. med. habil. Edgar Müller

Member of editorial board: Publications: > 160 scientific papers, congress contributions and book chapters (see Medline)
Hirsch Factor: 28

Dr. med. Petra Patrizia Haller-Pittrow

Publications: > 30 scientific papers, congress contributions and book chapters (see Medline)


Regulatory, Medical and Medico-marketing Consulting

Pharmacoepidemiological and Public Health research projects

Scientific Writing and Communication

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